The Beauty of Autumn

Source: Canada by Soe

Autumn. Aahhhhh!!

It’s the time of the year when trees and bushes burst into vibrant colors.

Source: Canada by Soe

Some leaves turn into bright yellow, orange, and red, while some stay green. Red orange bushes, pale brown earth, clear rivers, and blue lakes make for a beautiful collage of colors.

Soon the yellow, orange and red leaves will turn brown and fall to the ground, one by one, leaving the bare branches to look like the gnarled arthritic fingers of the olds.

Source: Canada by Soe

It’s the time to rearrange my closet; to store the tank tops, shorts, Tshirts, and sandals in the box and take the long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, leggings, and socks out.

It’s the time to wear my light jackets and cute booties or high boots.

A lovely scarf and classy leather gloves will add a chic finishing touch.

Sometimes I will need my umbrella or my raincoat too, but nothing will stop me from going outside to enjoy the lovely autumn colors.

Source: Canada by Soe

Driving in the country, hiking up the hills, riding my bike along the river, canoeing in the lake, jogging in the park, or just walking around the neighborhood, it’s nice to be outdoor in the fall!

Source: Canada by Soe

Just for fun:

  1. Name the colors mentioned in the story.
  2. Name the clothing items you can find in the story.
  3. Name the outdoor activities the writer likes to do in autumn.
  4. What word has the same meaning as “autumn”?
  5. Can you name the other three seasons in a 4-seasons country?
  6. Can you name the seasons in your own country?
  7. Write down the words you don’t understand and use a dictionary to find the meanings of those words.
Source: Canada by Soe


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